Mekari Sign eMeterai for Jurnal

Speed up financial agreements and billing processes by automating eMeterai stamping with Mekari Sign

Eliminate the hassle of switching between different applications to produce and stamp your invoices. With this feature, you can now create invoices and stamp them with eMeterai directly within the same Mekari ecosystem.

Get to know more about Mekari Sign eMeterai

Official eMeterai from Peruri
Mekari Sign provides the official eMeterai from Peruri to ensure your invoices are valid and legally acknowledged.
Available anytime 24/7
eMeterai is available and can be purchased anytime and anywhere, whenever you need it to stamp invoices.
Higher protection, faster process
With Mekari Sign eMeterai, all billing process are done with advanced security to prevent document's falsification

How does this works?

Start free consultation
Schedule a consultation with our team on how to activate Mekari Sign for stamping your Jurnal invoices.
Feature activation
Sit back and relax! You will have our team to help you with the Mekari Sign onboarding and activation process.
eMeterai for Jurnal is ready!
Once account is activated, you can purchase any amount of eMeterai and stamp them directly to Jurnal invoices.