Mekari Sign Terms and Conditions

effective as of 12 April 2024

Welcome to Mekari Sign! Thank you for your interest in using Mekari Sign! By creating a Mekari Sign Account or using Mekari Sign Services, You acknowledge that You have read carefully, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) regardless of whether on behalf of yourself or a legal entity you lawfully represent.

These T&C contain an agreement between Mekari Sign (“Mekari Sign”, “we”, “our” or “us” or PT Mekari Identitas Digital) and individuals or entities who are any of the following (collectively, “You” or “Your”):

  • subscriber to our products and/or services (“Client”); and
  • users of Mekari Sign Services, including authorized users of the Client and other Mekari Sign end users (“User”).

These T&C may be changed or updated in part or in whole from time to time without prior notification to the User and will take effect from the time they are uploaded on the website  and/or other URLs owned or managed by Mekari Sign (“Site”).





Mekari Sign recommends that Users check the Site for any changes to these T&C from time to time. By continuing to access the Mekari Sign Account or using the Mekari Sign Services or as an Invited User from another User to access or use Mekari Sign Services, the User is deemed to have agreed to these T&C and all their changes.


You hereby agree to receive electronic and non-electronic form of communications and notices in relation to our Site and Mekari Sign Services, including but not limited to marketing and promotional information on Mekari Sign Services. You acknowledge and agree that any of our delivery of communications have satisfied the legal requirements for written communications and any specific delivery methods under the applicable laws and regulations.



Account” refers to the User’s unique personal or organizational account with the associated access credentials, created for the purpose of accessing and using Mekari Sign Services and enabling its Authorized Users to access and use Mekari Sign Services.

Active Period” means the period during which an Account is active for You to access and use the available Mekari Sign Services.

Affiliate(s)” means any specified person or entity, any other person or entity directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by or under direct or indirect common control with such specified person or entity. For the purpose of this definition, “control”, when used with respect to any specified person or entity means the power to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of such person or entity, whether through ownership of voting securities or by contract or otherwise. The terms “controlling” and “controlled” have meaning correlative to the foregoing.

Electronic Document” or “Document” refers to any electronic information and/or document generated using or uploaded to Mekari Sign Services for processing.

User” means any individual, partnership, firm, legal entity, ministry, institution or organization having an Account and/or subscribes to Mekari Sign Services. Users are classified to Authorized Users and Invited Users.

Authorized User” means any User having an Account and use its registered email to access and use Mekari Sign Services.

Invited User” means any invited User by an Authorized User who does not have an Account and uses its registered email to access and use certain features of Mekari Sign Services.

Signer” means a person who receives and signs any Electronic Documents on Mekari Sign Services.

Mekari Sign Services” means all product and/or services provided by Mekari Sign, including but not limited to, electronic signature (“eSign”), electronic duty stamp (meterai) (“eMeterai”), electronic stamp (“eStamp”) and electronic document management system (“eDMS”).

Personal Data” means all User’s “personal data”, “personal information”, “personally identifiable information”, or equivalent terms thereto all of which shall have the same meaning as defined by the PDP Laws that is Processed by Mekari Sign in relation to provision of Mekari Sign Services.

Personal Data Protection Laws” or “PDP Laws” means the applicable Indonesian personal data protection laws and regulations, which its enactment is designated to safeguard and govern the processing and protection of personal data, including but not limited to Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 27 of 2022 on Personal Data Protection and if any, its implementing regulations (as may be amended from time to time).

Electronic Information and Transaction Laws” or “EIT Laws” means the applicable Indonesian laws and regulations on electronic information and transactions which also contains the relevant provisions governing the organisation of eCertificate in Indonesia, including Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 11 of 2008 on Electronic Information and Transactions and its implementing regulations (as may be amended from time to time).

Electronic Certification Provider” or “Penyelenggara Sertfikasi Elektronik” or “PSrE” has the same meaning stipulated under EIT Laws, means an Indonesian or foreign legal entity who act as a trusted party who carry out the issuance, administration, and audit of eCertificates.

Electronic Certificate” or “eCertificate” has the same definition stipulated under EIT Laws, means an electronic certificate containing electronic signature and identity indicating the legal subject status of the parties within electronic certificate which issued by PSrE.

Training” means the educational process, whether conducted in the form of online or offline training, provided by Mekari Sign for User to operate Mekari Sign Services.

Minutes of Handover” (Berita Acara Serah Terima”) or “BAST” means the document serving as that Mekari Sign Services has been delivered by Mekari Sign to User, and as a receipt that the User has properly received the Mekari Sign Services.

Third-Party Provider” means any third-party services provider cooperating with Mekari Sign in delivering certain services, access, features, and/or assistance to Mekari Sign to create, develop, and provide Mekari Sign Services optimally.



    1. The package details, including the Product usage fees (“Usage Fees”) that You select, will be outlined under the service order/service quotation/subscription form and/or other similar document in writing that is issued by Mekari Sign.
    2. Mekari Sign may cooperate with any third party to support the implementation or delivery of the Product. You must ensure that You read all terms and conditions as well as privacy policies applied by those third parties to understand Your rights and obligations in using the Product.
    3. You must pay the Usage Fees and any other necessary fees/costs as outlined in the document as mentioned under paragraph (1) above in accordance with the stipulated term of payment stated in the relevant invoice/billing document.
    4. Each Party must bear the necessary tax obligations in accordance with the applicable tax regulations.



    1. Eligibility

You must be of legal age under the applicable laws and regulations and/or having the competency to agree to these T&C and to register an Account. If you are creating an Account on behalf of your company, business or organisation, You shall have the appropriate authorization to do so.

    1. Account Responsibilities

You are responsible for all access and use of Mekari Sign Services on their Account. You must keep your Account credentials confidential and any unauthorized access and/or use of Mekari Sign Services must be promptly notified to Mekari Sign. You hereby will not hold Mekari Sign to be liable for any material or immaterial losses caused by any third-party use of Your Account, regardless that such third-party use is with or without Your knowledge and consent. You must use Mekari Sign only for lawful purpose and in comply with these T&C.

    1. Account Information

You must provide Mekari Sign with accurate and complete information in registering Your Account. We reserve the right to reject Your Account registration or impose suspension to Your Account if You provide us with untrue, unclear, inaccurate or incomplete information in relation to Your Account. You agree to provide us with up-to-date information from time to time by promptly notifying us of any changes or updates through contacting us. We are entitled to verify any of such changes, additions, or updates to Your information under our procedures.

    1. Termination due to violation

You understand and agree that based in Mekari Sign’s sole discretion, Mekari Sign has the right to terminate this T&C and/or terminate, revoke and/or refuse access to the Product, partially or completely and either temporarily or permanently, with/without prior notification, if it is suspected the following occurs (i) You do not comply with the payment conditions as set out in this T&C, (ii) there are indications of fraud, data theft, fraud, does not fulfill one or all of this T&C, a violation of the provisions of this T&C and/or applicable laws or other causes, therefore any losses arising from those actions are not the responsibility of Mekari Sign, and Mekari Sign in any case is not obliged to provide any compensation to the Client for this matter.

    1. Invited User

You agree that any of Your Invited User must agree these T&C and any other Mekari Sign’s policies.  You are fully responsible for the actions and/or omissions of Your Invited User or any other of Your User in using Mekari Sign Services. We are not liable for any losses of Your User arising from such User’s use of Mekari Sign Services.

    1. Validity

Your Account will remain valid in accordance with the Active Period, unless you submit a written request to the Mekari Sign to close or terminate your use of your Account.

    1. Know Your Customer

In using Mekari Sign Services with Your Account, you may be required to verify your identity through our electronic Know Your Customer process within our Site, this process including submission of Your information and data related your identity (“eKYC”). You are responsible for providing accurate and valid information and data during the eKYC process. You hereby authorize Us to collect and process Your personal information and documents as required for the eKYC process. You understand that, for eKYC purposes, such information and documents may be shared with relevant authorities or regulatory bodies as required by law.


    1. Active Period Term

The term of your Active Period will be commenced as of (i) the date as stated in the BAST signed by You and Us or (ii) at the latest on the 7th calendar day after delivery of BAST by MID to the Client, whichever is earlier. Notwithstanding the above, You may submit a written request on the commencement of Your Active Period term upon written request to MID after payment of Product.

    1. Training

We will provide You with free Training when You purchase Mekari Sign Services for the first time. This free Training will be available for You within 1 (one) month from the date of Your first payment.

    1. Renewal Active Period

At the end of your Active Period, we will inform Your impending renewal term to You and accordingly You are eligible to renew Your Active Period by delivering notice of renewal to Us no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days before the end of the Active Period. Notwithstanding with such conditions, You may, at any time, deliver notice of renewal for Your Active Period to us. Your Active Period Term will be renewed subject to the Mekari Sign Services package, fees, quota and scope under Our renewal terms and conditions applicable at the time of renewal.



    1. Product Warranty

We do not warrant or assume responsibility for any products and/or services provided by any Third-Party Providers through the Site. We are not involved in monitoring any activities between You and Third-Party Providers of Product or Services. You are solely responsible for all of your activities with other party(-ies) with whom you communicate or interact as a result of your access or use of Mekari Sign Services.

During your Active Period, our Mekari Sign Services are provided “as is” and “as available” without any warranty of any kind, Mekari Sign hereby disclaims any and all warranties for or in connection with Mekari Sign services, including but not limited to, those of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, title or non-infringement, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. We do not warrant that Mekari Sign Services will function without interruption, is free of malicious code or that it is error-free, can continue to operate in conjunction with other devices or systems that are not provided or owned by us, and/or will always meet any of Your specific requests.

    1. Access and Use Restrictions

In using and accessing Mekari Sign Services, You and any of Your authorized third-party are restricted to: (i) rent, sell, license, assign, copy, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble Mekari Sign Services in any way violating the applicable laws and regulations (ii) exploit Mekari Sign Services for Your product development or any kind of commercial purposes (iii) use Mekari Sign Services in any way that violating the rights of any party or any provisions under the applicable laws and regulations (iv) use Mekari Sign services in any way that potentially damage or impair Mekari Sign and/or our Affiliates or Mekari Sign Services and its related systems and networks.

    1. Pricing

Mekari Sign Services is classified into several package options, each of which consists of the applicable one-time or recurring fees, accessible features, limited quota for usage of Mekari Sign Services. Save for certain custom packages, the specifications of each package are determined by Mekari Sign’s sole discretion and may be changed and modified from time to time. The applicable pricing and payment terms to You are subject to the quotation provided by Us.

    1. Third-Party Providers Pricing Adjustment

In case our Third-Party Providers adjust their fees for the service they render to us for provision of Mekari Sign Services purposes, we reserve the right to modify the pricing of our services accordingly. We will promptly inform You on any of such adjustments of pricing and You hereby acknowledge and agree that such changes for Third-Party Providers service may impact the cost structure of Mekari Sign Services.

    1. Add-Ons and Package Upgrade

To increase or add Your quota and/or upgrade Your package, You are required to deliver a request of quota increase and/or package upgrade to Mekari Sign. We will directly charge you or adjust Your recurring payable Mekari Sign Services (as applicable) for any additional quota and/or package upgrade based on our pricing policy. Any increase to Your Account quota and/or upgrade to Your package may only be effective upon Your payment to the additional charge.

    1. Product Terms of Use

The use of Product by You shall be subject to the Products Terms of Use as outlined in Attachment I to these T&C and deemed as an integral part of these T&C.

    1. Service Level T&C

Mekari Sign applies service level agreement (SLA) for any issues occurring in the Product that You use. This SLA may be subject to the SLA applied by the Third-Party Providers.



Yout warrants that:

      1. You are authorized to agree to this T&C and by You binding to this T&C will not violate any contract or arrangement with any other party to which he or she is a party.
      2. You have obtained all of the necessary licenses regarding the binding and implementation of the obligations under this T&C.
      3. There are no ongoing actions or lawsuits that may materially affect the Client’s ability to perform its obligations under this T&C and/or affect the validity of this T&C.
      4. The execution and implementation of this T&C shall not violate or conflict with (i) the applicable laws (including laws and regulations in the anti-corruption sector); (ii) Client’s articles of association; and (ii) agreements or capabilities that bind the Client.
      5. In carrying out the T&C, the Client does not offer, promise, approve or authorize any payment or award, either by directly or indirectly, goods or materials that have value (including, but not limited to gifts, entertainment, food, discounts or personal credit, or other benefits that is not paid at market value) that have a public or commercial bribery purpose or effect; and the Client will not take any action that will make the Client or other party violate any provision in the anti-bribery and corruption regulations and laws that apply in Indonesia or regulations and laws that prohibit any action that violates the law for the purpose of obtaining commercial business benefits.
      6. In carrying out the T&C, the Client has complied with all applicable anti-money laundering laws and regulations and has published an anti-money laundering compliance policy as regulated by the applicable laws and regulations. The Client further agrees to provide the necessary information for verification of compliance with applicable anti-money laundering regulations as reasonably requested by government authorities in accordance with its anti-money laundering compliance procedures.
      7. The Client guarantees to always comply with the terms and conditions and the privacy policies that apply to each Product, both as regulated on the site and/or platform managed by MID and/or any other third party that is relevant to the provision of the Product.
      8. The Client is fully responsible for all information, data, and/or content that is uploaded, inserted, disclosed by the Client and/or any other party which is given access by the user when using the Product.



1. MID provides the Product on the basis of “as is” and “as available” principle without any warranties. To the extent the prevailing law allows and unless outlined clearly under this T&C, MID disclaims any and all other warranties (which are explicit, implicit or otherwise), including implicit warranty from any sale appropriateness, no violation or accuracy for certain purpose.

2. If the Client (and/or its affiliated company that uses the Product (as relevant)) suffers a real loss when using the Product during the Subscription Active Period which has been proven to be caused by direct error or negligence by MID, the Client may submit a request for compensation to MID.

3. Under any circumstances, the limit for compensation that can be provided by MID in connection with the losses suffered by the Client as referred to in paragraph 1 above is the maximum of the Usage Fee that has been paid by the Client to MID (excluding applicable taxes) with subject to the following requirements:

a. the Client is obliged to submit a request for compensation to MID no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days since the loss occurred or since the Client became aware of the loss that the Client experienced, whichever occurs first;

b. if the Client uses several Products and the Client suffers actual loss from using that Product partially, therefore the indemnification will be provided by considering the Usage Fees portion that has been paid to MID for such partial Products only;

c. if the Client uses the Product together with other Client affiliates (as also stated in the details of the Usage Fee at the beginning of this T&C) and real losses are only experienced by certain Client affiliates, then MID will only compensate the Client for a maximum of the paid Usage Fee as relevant for the relevant affiliate; and/or

d. compensation paid by MID is limited to the Usage Fee paid for the Client’s (and/or related affiliate’s) Subscription Active Period which is still ongoing. However, if the Subscription Active Period of the Client is more than 12 (twelve) months, the compensation calculation will be limited to a maximum of 12 (twelve) months.

4. MID has sole discretion in determining the amount of compensation to be paid to the Client based on internal checking that is carried out through MID’s system. The compensation provided by MID is final and binding, so that by receiving compensation from MID, the Client guarantees that there are no bills, costs, claims, demands or other obligations that arise or may arise, which can be billed by the Client. to MID in connection with the matters regulated in this Article.

5. MID will not be responsible for any losses, claims, expenses, damages, liabilities or costs arising from:

a. the Client’s violation of any provisions of this T&C;

b. use of the Product by unauthorized parties and/or unauthorized access by the Client;

c. if there is a defect or liability caused by the Client including modifications or add-ons made without the consent of MID;

d. The product is used together with any third party software or product where the Client does not have sufficient rights from the third party vendor for such use;
e. use of the Product that is not carried out in accordance with the provisions of this T&C or other technical provisions that apply to the Client, including but not limited to the user manual; and/or

f. the requirements mentioned in paragraph 2 above are not fulfilled.

6. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, there is no liability from MID to the Client (or a person claiming rights derived from the rights of another party) for any actual or anticipated loss of revenue, profit, contract or business (whether directly or indirectly, loss of data, and/or any incidental, indirect or consequential loss, in any case arising under or in connection with this T&C, whether by contract, act against law (including negligence), violation of duties by laws or otherwise.



  1. This T&C will not be considered as a transfer of any Intellectual Property Rights which are the property of each Party or its Affiliates based on applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Each Party will mutually release each other from any claims in the future for their respective Intellectual Property Rights including their use, as long as they are used in accordance with the provisions set out in the T&C.



  1. Any information relating to the the party who disclose the confidential information (“Disclosing Party”), whether directly or indirectly provided by the Disclosing Parties to the recipient of confidential information (“Receiving Party”) in connection with the implementation of this Form is considered as confidential (“Confidential Information”), but does not include the following information:
    1. already known by the Receiving Party on the date of disclosure of the Confidential Information by the Disclosing Party and not obtained or originating from the Company, affiliated company or through other parties who have confidentiality obligations;
    2. on the date of disclosure, the Confidential Information has become public property or becomes part of public property.
    3. obtained by the Receiving Party itself from a third party entitled to disclose the said Confidential Information when requested by the Receiving Party
    4. has been developed by the Receiving Party prior to the date of disclosure of the Confidential Information.
  1. In the event any Party is required to disclose Confidential Information by the mandatory laws and/or authorized public authorities, such Party must provide the other Party with written notice as soon as possible prior to such disclosure.



1. To the extent MID receives Personal Data from the Client when Client creates an account and uses all features which are available in the Product in relation to the implementation of this T&C, therefore the Client hereby agrees and provides its consent to MID to process such Personal Data exclusively for the implementation of this T&C.

2. MID will always conduct its reasonable efforts in accordance with the applicable laws to maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Data that MID receives from the Client.

3. The Client warrants that:

a. The Client has obtained the valid license, permission, authorization from any Personal Data owner whose Personal Data will be provided or disclosed to MID for the Product implementation purpose; and

b. every employee, party, vendor, agent, representation of the Client who will utilize the Product has been aware of and understood all provisions under this T&C as if those parties are Party to this T&C.

4. The Client agrees to not carry out the following:

a. utilizing the Product or any feature thereof for any other purpose other than to implement this T&C;

b. disclosing, selling, sharing, giving contents, information, features or any other service that are available in the Product without written approval from MID;

c. conducting intervention against or disrupting any servers, network, feature, or platform available in the Product; and

d. reproducing or carrying out efforts to extract the source code from any software or other related system that is provided by MID.



  1. Mekari Sign will apply necessary security measures to safeguard Your Personal Data. Our measures which may be updated or modified by Mekari Sign to enhance overall security.
  2. You are responsible for configuring and maintaining access controls for Your use of chosen Mekari Sign Services, including safeguarding and maintaining Your Personal Data in such a manner that You deems adequate, such as, applying appropriate security, protection, deletion, and backup of Your Personal Data.



  1. This T&C is governed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia..
  2. Any and all disputes, controversies, or conflicts arising from or in relation to this T&C, including disputes on its validity, conclusion, binding effect, breach, amendment, expiration, and termination (collectively referred to as the “Disputes”) shall be firstly settled amicably by the Parties within 30 (thirty) calendar days as from the date any Party informs the other Party that a Dispute has arisen.
  3. If failing to reach an agreement within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the amicable settlement as contemplated in paragraph 2, the Parties agree that any of the Disputes shall be settled through arbitration at BANI Arbitration Center (BANI) which is located at Wahana Graha Lt. 1 & 2, Jl. Mampang Prapatan No. 2, Mampang-Jakarta.


This T&C is provided in the Indonesian and English languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the Indonesian and English language texts, the Indonesian language text shall prevail and the relevant English language version shall be deemed to be automatically amended to conform with and be consistent with the Indonesian language version. No party will (nor will it allow or assist any party to) challenge the validity of, or raise or file any objection to, this T&C or the transactions contemplated herein in any manner or forum in any jurisdiction on the basis of any failure to comply with Law No. 24 of 2009 (National Flag, Language, Emblem and Anthem) or any of its implementing regulations (when issued).



If any provision or part of a provision of this T&C are invalid, void, unenforceable or illegal due to any applicable law, the invalidity of such provision shall not annul all the requirements and provisions under this T&C. You agree that the remaining provisions of this T&C shall continue in full force and effect and Mekari Sign will, at its best endeavors, to amend any invalid, void, unenforceable or illegal provision to be in accordance with the applicable laws in Indonesia.



Any notice from us addressed to You will be given through our Site or via the email registered on the Account. Any notice addressed to the User shall be deemed duly received upon our delivery of such notices to You.

Any notice from You addressed to us shall become effective if such notice has been duly received by us through (i) our email address and/or (ii) mail or physical documents sent to our address at Mid Plaza 2nd Floor – Jenderal Sudirman Street No. 10-11, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia 10220.




 I.1 eSign

  1. We provide two types of eSign services: uncertified eSign and certified eSign.
  2. After registering an Account, You may only be eligible to use PSrE certified eSign (“Certified eSign”) by upgrading your Account. For the purpose of these T&C, Certified eSign refers to an electronic signature which is utilized as a means of digital verification and authentication using eCertificate issued by PSrE. By using Our eSign services, You hereby authorizes Us to affix Your signature on the Electronic Documents processed within Mekari Sign Services.
  3. In providing Certified eSign, Mekari Sign has entered into a cooperation with registered Indonesian PSrE which rooted to the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia. Our eCertificates are valid for 1 (one) year and we may notify You to renew eCertificate before the expiration date of eCertificate
  4. Mekari Sign Services are only limited to facilitate the completion and/or execution of Electronic Documents between the Parties bound to those Electronic Documents. Our provision of Mekari Sign Services shall not be construed to constitute Mekari Sign as a party to the executed Electronic Documents through Mekari Sign Services, and We do not warrant that the transactions in relation thereto to be effected.
  5. You have the exclusive control over and responsibility for the content, quality, and format of your Electronic Documents and You shall not hold Mekari Sign to be liable for any of the contents in Your Electronic Documents. We are not responsible for or liable to produce any of Your Electronic Document or other document to any third parties.
  6. We are not responsible to determine whether Your Electronic Document(s) is: (i) not allowed to use eSign under the applicable laws and regulations (ii) subject to any particular agency promulgations or (iii) effective or lawfully formed by affixing eSign.
  7. We will manage and store Electronic Documents under these T&C. However, We may set a limitation for reasonable use to prevent abusive use of eSign. We may delete your Electronic Documents upon the expiration of Your Active Period.

I.2 eMeterai

  1. If You upload and send Electronic Documents affixed with eMeterai, the affixed eMeterai could not be returned or refunded regardless if such Electronic Documents has been signed or not by the Electronic Document recipient.
  2. Quota

Users with the “Owner” role can purchase eMeterai quota with a minimum amount of 3 (three) eMeterai quota. Additional quota may be given to the User after we received the payment of such additional quota

I.3 eStamp

  1. You may only use eStamp to Electronic Documents for lawful purposes. You hereby warrant that your use of eStamp is in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations and shall not hold Us to be liable for any use of eStamp for illegal, fraudulent, malicious purposes or any other purposes which are strictly prohibited under the applicable.
  2. You must acknowledge and comply with any legal obligations on the use or application of eStamp into Electronic Documents, including any applicable laws and regulations, by-laws and any other mandatory requirements in relation to Your usage of eStamp.

 I.4 eDMS

  1. You retain the ownership over the Electronic Documents processed and retained in our eDMS and we do not claim any ownership rights over Your Electronic Documents uploaded to or sent through eDMS. You have the full authority and control to modify, alter, distribute and/or retain the Electronic Documents uploaded by any of your Users.
  2. If You send an Electronic Document to a signer(s) through Mekari Sign Services, we will provide a reminder feature on our Site to remind the signer to sign the Electronic Document that has been sent. The reminder feature will not reappear after the last reminder or when the Electronic Document has been signed.
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