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Certificate & acknowledgment

Reliable support is an integral part of our software development cycle process
ISO IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System
Audited annually on information security management
Ministry of Homeland Affairs
Cooperation Agreement with Directorate General of Population & Civil Registration
The Indonesian National Mint
Official Peruri partner and registered distributor for eMeterai
Directorate General of Taxes
Under the auspices of Mekari, registered and supervised by DGT
Ministry of ICT
Registered as a Domestic Electronic System Operator (PSE)
Certified PSrE
Penyelenggara Sertifikasi Elektronik
e-Meterai resmi dan sah di Indonesia

Official and valid eMeterai in Indonesia

Mekari Sign is an official partner of Peruri, we provide eMeterai that is guaranteed valid and in compliance according to law. Using Mekari Sign’s eMeterai for all types of document is safe and risk-free.

e-Meterai menghemat biaya

eMeterai reduce expenses

By using eMeterai for electronic documents, you don’t have to create documents with paper, ink, and a printer. This way, you’re saving more costs, especially if you need to create and send documents regularly.

Mengurangi pemalsuan dokumen

Easy and instant remote collaboration

eMeterai allows you and the other related parties to speed up the document process remotely. With eMeterai, you don’t need to distribute the documents via expedition which takes longer time to complete.

Cara Cek Keaslian e-Meterai

Reduce the risk of document falsification

eMeterai is protected with advanced technologies. Therefore, eMeterai have high security to prevent them from being duplicated or forged. It’s safe for you to use them, even for a confidential document.

Bea Meterai

Available every time needed

eMeterai from Mekari can be purchased anytime, 24/7! No matter when, you can purchase eMeterai instantly from the Mekari Sign online platform.

Authentic Meterai Features

eMeterai from Mekari is guaranteed authentic

Don’t worry, eMeterai from Mekari Sign have fulfilled all authenticity requirement from PERURI.

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Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign

What is eMeterai or electronic stamp duty?

Based on PP 86/2021, eMeterai or electronic seal is a stamp duty in the form of a label that is affixed to electronic documents through a certain system. This means that eMeterai doesn’t have a physical form like the conventional seals that you usually encounter, but are in the form of digital seals. Even so, both have equal value.

The government issued this electronic stamp as a solution for electronic document stamp duty. Thus, it is hoped that using eMeterai can help transform Indonesia’s business economy to be better in the future. Get the convenience of managing electronic documents by purchasing eMeterai now at Mekari Sign.

In addition to providing eMeterai, Mekari Sign offers features such as electronic signature, electronic contract, audit trail, online stamp (coming soon), and eKYC. These features help you securely sign and manage documents online without needing physical stamps or paperwork.

What are eMeterai usages?

  • Taxation on a document regulated in accordance with the law
  • Creates higher evidence in court
  • Give legal value to a document
  • To explain related matters of civil events, for example in the form of an agreement letter, notarial deed, securities transaction documents, auction documents, and other documents according to government stipulations

Not all documents need to have electronic stamps, here are some documents that need to use electronic meterai:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), letters of recommendation, power of attorney, other related documents
  • Notary deed and grosse (original copy of original deed)
  • Deed of PPAT and its settlement
  • Securities in any name or form
  • Securities transaction documents in any name or form, including futures contract transactions
  • Tender documents, including quotations, minutes, compensation and Grosse
  • Documents stating the amount of money greater than 5 million rupiahs, which mentions receipt of money or contains payment of acceptance or repayment of debt, in whole or in part
  • Other documents as referred to in the Stamp Duty Law

eMeterai can be printed, but you can’t combine it with a wet signature since the eMeterai only functions as a copy of the document. When you print an eMeterai, the value will not be the same as the original eMeterai.

According to PMK 134/2021, there are no provisions regarding affixing signatures to electronic seals. In addition, it is not recommended to overlap signatures on eMeterai, because eMeterai has its own QR Code as a form of validation.

Yes, electronic seals are legally valid in Indonesia. Electronic seals have been regulated in Pasal14 of UU 10/2020 Concerning Stamp Duty and Pasal 5 Paragraph (1) of UU No. 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) which stated that electronic documents are valid and legal evidence.

Electronic documents that use eMeterai have the same legal force as paper documents with physical seals. However, make sure to buy eMeterai from a legitimate distributor such as Mekari Sign.

Yes, the eMeterai is valid. This is stated in UU No. 10 Year 2020 that eMeterai validity has been going on since October 6, 2021

eMeterai doesn’t have an expiry date. If you have affixed an eMeterai to a document, it will be valid forever unless the document is indeed damaged. The expiration of eMeterai is only valid for the certificate, which usually has a period of one year.

You can purchase eMeterai from a valid distributor such as Mekari Sign. Here are some steps to purchase electronic seals through Mekari Sign:

  1. Register your account. If you already have an account, you can login here
  2. Click on the E-METERAI menu, then select Buy eMeterai
  3. Click the number of eMeterai you want to buy, then select Pay Now
  4. Choose your payment method, then complete the payment
  5. After the payment is successful, the eMeterai balance will automatically be added to your account

Here’s how to use an electronic meterai (eMeterai):

  • Log in to your Mekari Sign account
  • Next, upload the document in Word, PDF, JPG, or PNG format
  • After uploading, your document will appear on the screen. Then, select Continue
  • Write down the name and email of the parties who need to sign the document. Don’t forget to select Add Me if you want your own signature.
  • Place signatures on document pages as needed. Then, affix the eMeterai next to your or the other party’s digital signature. For information, you can place an unlimited number of electronic seals on your document.
  • Click Continue, then set a reminder and document signature folder. After you completed every step, send your documents.
  • If the document has been signed by all parties, the document will automatically be saved in your Mekari Sign account storage folder in PDF format

The price of one eMeterai is equal to the value of conventional seals, which costs IDR 10,000. The price is based on PP 86/2021, which stated that electronic seals are the form of labels affixed to electronic documents through a certain system. This means that eMeterai does not have a physical form like the conventional seals that you normally encounter, but has the same amount of value.

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