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Digital signature speeds up administrative work by 85%

A digital signature can be done anywhere, anytime, for easy document verification. Finish your work faster and more efficiently.

  • Validation and mass document delivery
  • Improve workflow efficiency with document management
  • Supports various document formats
  • Document tracking and real-time notifications
Digital Signature Mekari Sign

Four easy steps to create the digital signature

step 1 Digital Signature

Step 1

Register and complete eKYC on Mekari Sign website

step 2 Digital Signature

Step 2

Upload documents and select signing parties

step 3 Digital Signature

Step 3

Add and customize your digital signature

step 4 Digital Signature

Step 4

Send the document to the signing parties via email

Many businesses in various industries have experienced the benefits of Mekari Sign


Reduction in business administrative processes with digital signatures


Decrease in document and approval loss in businesses using digital signatures


Increase in business efficiency after switching to digital signature applications

Digital Signature Benefit 1

Legally valid digital signature

You can trust Mekari Sign for your digital signatures. We are accredited by Kominfo and have a certificate from the Electronic Certification Providers (PSrE)

Digital Signature Benefit 2

No more document and signature manipulation

Mekari Sign has an audit trail feature for documents. Therefore, any changes made to the document or digital signature by anyone will be recorded in detail in one place.

Digital Signature Benefit 3

Supports various document formats

You don’t need to worry about converting your document format, as Mekari Sign supports many modern document types, from PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, JPEG, to PNG.

Digital Signature Benefit 4

How to sign digitally

Step 1: Visit Mekari Sign website

Visit the Mekari Sign website at mekarisign.com. If you already have a Mekari account, you can click Login. If not, click Schedule Demo to meet the Mekari Sign team and create an account.

Step 2: Complete eKYC

Before uploading documents, you must complete the electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process.

Step 3: Upload the document

Click Upload your document to select the document. After selecting your document, click Next.

Step 4: Set signing parties

Enter the parties that will sign the document. To add yourself as one of the signers, click Add me as the signer. Or, if you want to add other parties, click Add another signer.

Step 5: Set the signing order

In Mekari Sign, you can easily set the signing order. Click Set sign order and drag the dots according to the order of signers. When done, click Next.

Step 6: Set signature

You can set the signature for each party. Once all parties are selected, click Next to proceed.

Step 7: Send document to signing parties

Ensure that the names and email addresses of all parties are correct. Here, you can also enter the email subject and message. When everything is correct, click Send document.

How to sign a document in Word

How to Sign Word Documents in Mekari Sign

Through Mekari Sign, you can sign Word documents in DOC and DOCX format in just a few minutes. How to do it?

How to sign a Word document in Mekari Sign in just a few minutes:

1. Create your Mekari Sign account by clicking Free trial or Login if you already have one.

2. Click Upload Document and select the Word document from your device.

3. Enter the email addresses of the signatories.

4. Insert your signature and configure the signatures of other signatories, such as their position, name, date, and more.

5. Finally, click Send Document to send the document.

Mekari Sign’s electronic signature is legally binding, endorsed by KOMINFO, and certified by Tilaka for PSrE. You can sign any Word document on Mekari Sign, as it is fully protected by Indonesian law.

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Complete with many satisfying features

Mekari Sign offers a rich-featured digital signature. Say goodbye to other services that cannot meet all your administrative needs!

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Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign
Images by Mekari e-sign

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a signature that is done digitally or virtually through a website or digital signature application such as Mekari Sign, a Certified Electronic Signature Services provider. The entire digital signature process is done online without face-to-face interaction.

What are some recommended digital signature apps?

1. Mekari Sign

Currently, there are many digital signature providers worldwide, and one of the best and most certified digital signature applications in Indonesia is Mekari Sign.

In addition to providing signature features, Mekari Sign’s digital signature application also provides electronic contract, eMeterai, audit trail, and online stamp (coming soon) features in one platform. User security is a top priority, ensuring important documents are securely stored and accessible anytime.

Developer: PT Mekari Identitas Digital

Key Features: Document management with an automatic reminder feature, cloud storage system, audit trail, official Peruri electronic stamp, and integrated control dashboard

2. CreateMySignature

CreateMySignature’s attractive yet simple user interface is one of its strengths as a digital signature maker application. Online document signing can be tried for free and downloaded immediately.

Developer: PandaDoc

Key Features: Transparent signature, direct signature without an account, simple and easy-to-use interface, and supports various formats

3. Just-Sign

The uniqueness of the Just-Sign application is its main feature of the email signature, which allows users to sign documents via email. Just-Sign provides signature templates on the website so users can sign documents instantly.

Developer: Just-Sign

Key Features: Email signature, signature templates

4. SignWell

The full features provided by SignWell are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The main advantage offered by SignWell is that documents are protected by SSL certification.

Developer: SignWell

Key Features: Signature for multiple users, instant template for speeding up the signature process, and SSL certification

5. SignHero

Not only focused on providing digital signature services, SignHero offers integration features with APIs. This feature makes it easier for users to perform various business activities on one platform.

Developer: Avaintec

Key Features: Audit trail, API integration.

You can check if a PDF document has a digital signature by looking for a “Signature Panel” or “Signatures” section in the PDF document’s navigation pane.

You can create a digital signature for a PDF without Adobe using other digital signature applications such as Mekari Sign.

Here are the steps to create a digital signature for a PDF:

  • Visit the Mekari Sign website at mekarisign.com using your browser.
  • Login if you already have an account. If not, click on Schedule Demo to have our team assist you in creating an account.
  • A popup will briefly explain Mekari Sign’s features, such as the KOMINFO-accredited electronic signature, PERURI’s eMeterai, electronic stamp, and e-Contract. Click on Get started.
  • A popup called Let’s take a tour will briefly explain Mekari Sign’s features. You can click on Skip or Take a tour.
  • If you click Skip, you will be directed to the dashboard. Here, you can upload the PDF document you want to sign by clicking Upload Document or the + button on your phone.
  • Click on the box provided to upload the document from your device, then click Next.
  • Next, you must add the parties who will sign the document. Fill in their names and email addresses in the available fields and select Needs to Sign under Type.
  • If you want to include yourself as one of the signatories, click Add me as the signer. Or, if you want to add another party, click on Add another signer. When done, click on Next.
  • Then, customize the signature for each party, including its position, name, date, and so on. To do so, click and drag the options at the bottom of the screen onto your document.
  • When setting up all parties’ signatures, click Next to continue.
  • Double-check that all parties’ names and email addresses are correct. If so, click Send Document to send the document to the relevant parties.

The difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature is that digital signatures have special encryption to verify the signatory with the same certainty as certified electronic signatures. This makes them more secure and legally binding.

Yes, digital signatures are legal and have legal validity and consequences, but they can be vulnerable to forgery. Certified electronic signatures provide higher levels of security and legal bindingness than digital signatures.

As regulated in the Information and Electronic Transactions Law, electronic signatures have legal validity and consequences. The law also specifies several requirements for their validity, including:

  • The signature owner only knows the signature creation data.
  • Only the signature owner is authorized to use the electronic signature.
  • All changes made after the signature creation can be detected.
  • All changes related to the electronic information associated with the electronic signature can be detected.
  • There is a way to identify the signature owner.
  • Verifying that the signature owner has agreed to the related electronic information is possible.

Yes, digital signatures can be forged because they do not have special encryption to verify the signatory with the same certainty as certified electronic signatures. This makes digital signatures vulnerable to forgery.

  • Digital signatures can shorten the time and reduce administrative costs.
  • Digital signatures are legally binding and securely handled.
  • Digital signatures can improve business operational efficiency.

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