e-Signature application for 85% faster business operation and administration

Sign documents, collect signatures, and track the signing status of the documents online.

  • Mekari e-Signature is PSrE certified and legally recognized
  • Request for e-Signs and e-Seals easily and flexibly
  • All document signing management / Management of all documents signing
  • Monitor document approval progress in real-time
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The advantages of using a cloud-based
e-Sign service

Simplified document journeys for small teams and individuals
with cloud-based e-Signature software.

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Keep costs low and time

No need to send physical documents and follow up with certain parties manually

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Real-time progress

Monitor the progress of each document from being sent to being signed by the relevant parties

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Strengthen business

Send automatic reminders to all relevant parties to make sure all documents are signed on time

Comparison of Mekari e-Sign digital signature
software with others

Mekari’s online signature software changes the way of signing documents
through complete features for every function of your business

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The other e-Signature software

Easy use of the module system
Use of a combined module system
Simple UI/UX
Complex UI/UX
Compatible for desktop and mobile apps
Not supported on mobile apps
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The other e-Signature software

Legally-binding in Indonesia
Legal only globally or not at all
Audit trail on each stage of document signing
No detailed audit trail for checking
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The other e-Signature software

Equipped with electronic seals, e-Stamps, and contract management system
Not all e-Signatures have electronic seals, stamps, and contract management
Automatic reminder for parties involved
Not all e-Signatures equipped with notification systems
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The other e-Signature software

24/7 dedicated service without additional cost
Additional fee in order to receive dedicated service
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The other e-Signature software

Affordable prices
High prices
No training fee
Additional training fee
No additional charge for the dedicated service
Additional charge for dedicated services

How Mekari e-Sign can help
individuals and businesses

Mekari’s e-Signature changes the way documents are authenticated through complete features for every business function’s needs

Power of attorney agreement
Employment contract
Independent contractor agreement
Asset purchase agreement
Business contract
Advanced practice agreement
Approval document
Engagement letter
Vendor contracts
Class action communication
Retention & fee agreements
Purchased assets agreement
Shareholder agreements
Employment contract
Merger and acquisition agreements
Business contract
Council approval
Approval document
New hiring document
Business contract
Partner agreement
Offering letter
Penawaran Pelanggan
Sales proposals
Independent contractor agreement
Employment contract
New hiring document
PTO contract
Separation agreement

Our partners

Mekari eSign works with strategic partners to provide the best
electronic document management services

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  • Images by Mekari e-sign
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simplify the document validation process with Mekari Sign

Increase the efficiency of your business processes with solutions from Mekari that has been trusted by thousands of businesses.

Is there any minimum employee limit to use Mekari Sign?

Mekari Sign is designed to suit the needs of every business/industry, wether its in a small, medium, or large scale. There is no minimum limit for using solutions from Mekari Sign.

All data stored in Mekari Sign is guaranteed to be safe because we adhere to the ISO 27001 security standard, which is equivalent to a bank.

Additionally, we use encryption technology to ensure that stored data remains inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

There are 4 main features of Mekari Sign: electronic signature (eSignature), electronic seal (eMeterai), electronic contract (eContract), audit trail, and online stamp (coming soon)

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