Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC)

Identity verification for easier and compliant customer onboarding process

Verify users anywhere with ease. Smooth onboarding and compliance have finally come together with Mekari Sign.

  • Dukcapil regulatory compliance
  • Certified electronic signature & official Peruri eMeterai
  • Eliminate manual processes with automatic reminders
  • Implemented for banking, financial services & insurance industries
eKYC Mekari Sign

Onboard a new customer or partner online in just 3 minutes

step 1 ekyc:

Scan your ID

Upload a picture of your ID

step 2 ekyc:

Verify your details

Make sure your name and ID number is correct

step 3 ekyc:

Liveness check

Let the algorithm securely detects you

step 4 ekyc:

Set a secure pin

Setup your own pin for extra protection

How can your team save time and money by using Mekari Sign?


Business administration processes trimmed


Reduced risk of losing your business documents


Increased business operational efficiency

eKYC: Ketahui siapa pelanggan Anda

Know who your customers are

Safeguard your business with a verification flow that syncs with your regulator’s requirements. Verify documents, get proof of address, and perform ongoing user screening to ensure full compliance

eKYC: Deteksi dan jauhi penipu dari bisnis

Detect and push fraudsters out

Turn bad actors away while keeping the door open for legit users. Validate IDs, perform liveness checks, and uncover potential fraud activity

eKYC: Verifikasi 1x, gunakan langsung

Verify once, use instantly

Let users skip the queue if they’ve already been verified by. All it takes is a pin that takes less than 4 seconds on average—no need to go through the whole KYC flow again


Access from any device

Do identity verification from any device, be it a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. Authorize your documents anywhere, no distance limited

eKYC: Tandatangani dan beri eMeterai

Sign and seal your document

Use electronic signatures and stamps on the same platform. Make sure the signer is the right person through identity verification first

eKYC Mekari e-Sign

A complete solution with many satisfying features

Mekari Sign offers a feature-rich electronic signature. Say goodbye to other services that can’t meet your various administrative needs.

More than 35,000+ companies in various industries use Mekari's solutions

What is eKYC?

eKYC or electronic know your customer is a series of procedures to identify and verify a user’s identity digitally, without any physical contact. This procedure contains a series of user inspections that are done in the first phase before users can continue to use our products. The goal is to ensure that the user is indeed in accordance with the identity provided.

Usually, an institution such as a bank or insurance company needs to verify their prospective customer or customer to ensure that the customer is really his real identity. The eKYC process will help agencies so that there is no need for a customer to come to a branch office to do KYC physically.

Is eKYC safe for the user's identity?

It’s safe because the verification process uses your data at Dukcapil, so the results are accurate. In addition, the electronic identification process follows high-security rules according to AML5 (Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services).

All products from Mekari Sign have guaranteed safe. You can get features such as electronic signature, eMeterai, online stamp (coming soon), electronic contract, and audit trail to help with business administration processes.

To complete the eKYC process, the verification process only takes a few minutes after you complete all the required data. This is because eKYC is completely digital and real-time, so it doesn’t take weeks like regular KYC.

Yes, because eKYC procedures are done to verify that the user matches the identity provided.

There are several reasons your eKYC was rejected or failed:

  • There is a problem with your identity card photo, such as unclear writing, damaged parts, or blurred signature.
  • The quality of the photo when checking the liveness that you upload is not clear; too dark, too far away, or covered by light reflections.
  • Problems with your internet connection, so the verification process is constrained. This could cause the photos you uploaded didn’t upload properly.
  • Checking identity and photos when liveness is proven not to be the same. That means there is a possibility of identity falsification.

Here are the benefits or functions of eKYC:

1. Fast and Practical Process

All eKYC processes run digitally or online, so all the data you enter will be transferred in real-time without any manual intervention. This can speed up the verification process compared to regular KYC which can take weeks.

2. Facilitate Customers

Your customers don’t have to leave their houses, through the heat or rain, or get stuck in traffic just to do KYC in your office. All processes can be done in minutes through their smartphone. As a result, customer satisfaction will increase.

3. Reducing Fraud

The KYC process manually is prone to fraud because the process takes longer time and has many loopholes that can be exploited. This can be reduced with eKYC since the verification is done in real time by matching your data at DUKCAPIL.

4. Cost-Effective

eKYC is completely digital, so you don’t need to provide your office, staff, paper, pen, ink, and so on. This way, you will save a lot of costs that can be allocated to other business needs.

5. Environmentally Friendly

eKYC is an eco-friendly technology. You don’t need to print hundreds or even thousands of sheets of paper for the customer verification process. All processes occur digitally, so you can help preserve the environment.

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