Audit trail

Automate document tracking and monitoring with real-time audit trail

Stay on top of every progress with Mekari Sign. Get instant notification when you send document, request signature, even when it’s open and sign.

  • Certified electronic signature & official Peruri eSeal
  • eKYC Dukcapil regulatory compliance
  • Eliminate manual processes with automatic reminders
  • Implemented for banking, financial services & insurance industries
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Benefits of using audit trail

monitor progres

Monitor progress

Monitor all document’s signing progress

Mudah melacak dokumen

Detailed Informations

Receive detailed informations of every document’s activities

Mudah melacak dokumen

Easy to track documents

Display categorized documents based on status

Berbagi dan berkolaborasi

Share and collaborate

Manage documents, track activities, and collaborate

How can your team save time and
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Business administration processes trimmed


Reduced risk of losing your business documents


Increased business operational efficiency

audit trail: Sign and seal your document

Sign and seal your document

Use electronic signatures and stamps on the same platform. Make sure the signer is the right person through identity verification first.

audit trail: from any device

Access from any device

Check the status of your agreement from any device, be it a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. Authorize your documents anywhere, no distance limited.

audit trail: know your customer

Know who your customers are

Safeguard your business with a verification flow that syncs with your regulator’s requirements. Verify documents, get proof of address, and perform ongoing user screening to ensure full compliance.

audit trail: easy document drafting

Easy document drafting

There is no need to add the same file twice. Save a draft contract as a template and reuse it by sending it to several people and companies.

audit trail: enhance your monitoring with audit trail

Enhance your monitoring with audit trail

Effortlessly track changes with Mekari Sign’s history audit feature. Streamline your document workflows and optimize your productivity by automating document processes, reducing the time you spend working on them.

audit trail Mekari Sign

A complete solution with many satisfying features

Mekari Sign offers a feature-rich electronic signature. Say goodbye to other services that can’t meet your various administrative needs.

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What is audit trail?

An audit trail is a digital record that maintains a history of when, where, and by whom an electronic signature was affixed to a document, along with other changes made to the document. This enhances the safety and transparency of the process as everything is accurately documented.

Mekari Sign also offers various other features, including eMeterai from Peruri, electronic contract (eContract), online stamp (coming soon), and eKYC.

What are the benefits of audit trail?

Here are some benefits of audit trail:

  • Enhanced legal strength – An audit trail can serve as electronic evidence since every action is neatly recorded
  • Streamlined processes – Audit trails are automatically recorded and stored, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping that can be time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • Improved security – With detailed records of all changes made, there is no room for signature manipulation or forgery, enhancing the security of the process
  • Environmentally friendly technology – The fully digital audit trail feature eliminates the need for paper, making it an eco-friendly option

The audit trail stores a variety of history, which may vary based on the platform being used. This includes:

  • The date and time of the signatory’s platform access
  • Authentication-related details, such as the successful login to the platform with the correct password
  • Signatory information, such as their name and IP address
  • Verification of the signer
  • The date and time the document was signed
  • Information about any document changes, such as the time, date, and person responsible for the modifications

The audit trail makes the process of electronic signatures on documents more secure and transparent by recording everything clearly and in detail.

The important components of the audit trail are as follows:

  • Signatory information, such as their name and email address
  • Verification of the signer
  • The date and time the document was signed
  • Comprehensive information about any changes made to the document

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