Electronic contract management

Minimize workflow and adminstrational process with electronic contract management software

Customize, negotiate, and sign contracts digitally in one platform. Keep conversations moving with end-to-end contract management software.

  • Centralized document dashboard
  • Automatic electronic contract tracking
  • Validation and sending of bulk documents
  • Flexibly manage contracts anytime, anywhere
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Many businesses in various industries have experienced the benefits of Mekari Sign

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The challenges businesses face without an electronic contract management software

Physical contracts have begun to be abandoned due to its shortcomings
and challenges, hence businesses are switching to the electronic contracts

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Prone of forgery

Physical contracts have no verification process so the documents are easier to be counterfeited

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High risk of damaged documents

Physical documents are prone to be damaged and cannot be used if broken

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High operational costs

Physical documents administration requires higher costs and takes more time

All-in-one management software

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Manage, customize, sign digitally, and place e-stamp
on the electronic documents in one platform

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Streamline your operations with a simple approval process

  • Eliminate bottlenecks with a seamless centralized and certified system
  • A safe and secure system through PSrE certified system
  • Store and manage all your documents in one centralized platform
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Dokumen kontrak rawan hilang dan dipalsukan

  • Contract documents are prone to be missing and falsified
  • Possibility of unofficial and illegal contracts in other platforms without PSrE certification
  • Higher risk of forgery since the documents haven't gone through a verification process

Accelerate the completion of business electronic contracts

Eliminate repetitive administrative processes

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Complete all needs for contracts management
from e-signatures to e-stamps in one platform

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Automate all processes regarding electronic contracts

  • Adjust and set signing orders for a better approval process
  • Real-time recorded document review process in one centralized platform
  • Available 24/7 for administrative processes regarding electronic contracts
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Document administration process is time & budget consuming

  • Unability to perform sequential checks as there is no monitoring system
  • Unknown document status that needs manual tracking
  • Contracts take a long time to complete due to using physical documents that are not available 24/7

Monitor digital contract progress and review

What is an electronic contract?

An electronic contract or digital contract is an agreement made through an electronic system. This definition is contained in Pasal 1 No. 17 of the UU ITE. In other words, Pasal 1 No. 17 of the UU ITE is the legal basis for this electronic contract.

What is the best electronic contract application in Indonesia?

Among the many providers of electronic contract facilities, one of the best electronic contract applications in Indonesia is Mekari Sign.

In addition to providing electronic contract features, the Mekari Sign application also provides electronic signature (eSignature), electronic seal (eMeterai), online stamp (coming soon), and audit trail features in one integrated platform

Yes, electronic contracts are considered valid as an agreement according to the meaning of “agreement” stated in Pasal 1313 of KUHPer.

The validity of electronic contracts is regulated in Pasal 46 paragraph (2) of Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions (PP PSTE). A contract is considered valid if it fulfills certain conditions, such as:

  • There is an agreement between the parties
  • Performed by legal subjects who are capable or authorized to represent in accordance with the provisions of the law
  • There are certain things as transaction objects
  • The object of the transaction must not conflict with laws and regulations, decency, and public order

There are four types of electronic agreements that are often used in Indonesia:

1. Shrink-wrap Contracts

This electronic contract is usually an agreement with software that is installed via a CD. The term shrink-wrap is used because the contract is enclosed in a wrapper that must be ripped off before use.

2. Clickwrap Contracts

Before installing the software, clickwrap contracts are often displayed. The content is quite long which requires you to scroll down and click “I agree” or “I agree” for the installation to continue.

3. Browse-wrap contracts

Browse-wrap contracts are e-contracts that are often displayed on websites, especially on foreign websites. Usually, it says, “By continuing your use of these services, you agree to the terms and conditions” or “By signing up I agree to the terms of use.” So, you automatically agree to the contents of the contract when you browse the website.

4. E-Contract Email

As the name suggests, an e-contract email is a contract that uses email as the medium. Usually, it takes the form of an exchange of messages between the parties that results in an agreement at the end of the conversation.

Here are some of the benefits of electronic contracts over traditional contracts:

  • Electronic contracts offer various conveniences that traditional contracts do not have. It’s easier to change the contents of the contract because you can do it directly with a computer. In addition, electronic contracts can also be stored in the cloud so you can access them anywhere.
  • Electronic contracts do not require you to print them. You can directly send the contract to the related parties without printing it.
  • You can easily edit an electronic contract at any time, so if there is an error, you can fix it right away.
  • As mentioned above, electronic contracts can be made remotely. This means that the manufacturing process can be completely done online. So, it can save you time because you don’t have to meet in person and go through traffic jams that are time-consuming.

Contract management aims to ensure that each party involved in a contract fulfills its contractual obligations after and during the administration period, as well as contract execution.

Everything that is managed related to the agreement between the parties involved in the contract is called contract management.

  • Sales: Keeps the team focused on sales by eliminating repetitive and manual administrative tasks.
  • HR: Digital contracts increase employee productivity by enabling them to access electronic documents anywhere.
  • Finance: Ability to share sensitive information securely with a seamless paperless experience.
  • Legal: Ability contracts can send, manage, and monitor all confidential information related to law instantly and securely
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