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Mekari Sign simplifies all administration process with electronic signatures (eSignature), electronic seals (eMeterai), digital stamps, and electronic contract management.

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Send and sign documents flexibly

Send documents and collect signatures from various parties easily and receive real-time notifications of documents progress or completion.

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Centralized documents in one platform

Organize your team’s documents according to your needs and access them easily anytime and anywhere.

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Increase efficiency with online documents distribution

Collect eSignatures with digital documents. This way, documents distributions are faster and trackable within Mekari Sign online platform.

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Legally acknowledged document validation

Your document is guaranteed valid, since Mekari Sign eSignature is operated under Kominfo and our eMeterai is official from Peruri.

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Monitor all document progress

Dashboard with a complete feature that allows you to monitor all workflow and progress. This feature eases you to control all documents that need to be signed.

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Contract's due date reminder

Avoid delays in renewing contracts or agreements with various parties by sending automatic reminders to the related parties easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an electronic signature?

A digital signature is a signature created virtually, whether it’s a plain-stroke signature or a symbol. This type of signature has higher protection by applying an advanced cryptography system to validate and verify the signer’s identity.

Mekari Sign (PT Mekari Identitas Digital) is one of the providers of electronic signature services. We are partnering with PT Tilaka Nusa Teknologi as a Certificate Authority (CA) from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). Other features such as eMeterai, online stamp, audit trail, eKYC and electronic contract management are also available on Mekari Sign platform.

Can digital signatures be forged?

You can, because digital signatures do not have special encryption that is able to perfectly verify the signer like a certified electronic signature. This makes digital signatures forgeable.

The way electronic signatures work is in the following manner:

  • First of all, the message sender will calculate the Message Digest (MD) of the message. This MD you get by converting message M with a one-way hash function
  • Furthermore, encryption occurs on the MD using a private key cryptographic algorithm, such as the RSA algorithm. Well, the result of this encryption is called a digital signature (S).
  • Then, a digital signature (S) is placed on the message M
  • Then, the message M that you have signed with S will be sent using the communication channel
  • When message M has reached the recipient, a verification process will occur as a form of proving the authenticity of the message. Here’s the verification process:
    • The digital signature (S) is decrypted using the public key given to the recipient. Later, this process will produce an MD (Message Digest)
    • Then, the receiver converts M to MD with a one-way hash function
    • This hash is similar to the one used by the sender So, if the result is MD = MD, then the signature received is valid and is from the correct sender

The functions of using eSignature are:

  • Prove the authenticity and legitimacy of digital documents
  • Strengthen document security since it is difficult to forge
  • Speed up the signature process
  • Simplify the remote signature process with multiple parties
  • Sign the document anywhere, anytime, and on any device that supports it
  • Shorten the decision-making process
  • Increase productivity because all processes are faster and more efficient
  • Save expenses because it is digital, so you don’t have to buy ink, paper, print it, or similar needs
  • Reduce the risk of document damage, especially if you send it using an expedition

The supplier cooperation agreement letter is a letter containing the agreement between the company and the supplier of goods. This letter is important because to reduce misunderstandings between cooperating parties. In addition, this cooperation agreement can streamline and maintain a long-lasting cooperation between two parties.

The main function of this letter is for the supplier to supply the goods you need continuously and sustainably. With this letter, businesses can run smoothly without a shortage of goods since there is paperwork that is legally binding and has a valid law force.

Yes, electronic seals or eMeterai are legally valid in Indonesia!

Electronic seals are regulated in Pasal 14 of UU 10 of 2020 Regarding Stamp Duty. Not only that, Pasal 5 Paragraph (1) of UU No. 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) also states that electronic documents are valid legal evidence.

Electronic documents that have been affixed with eMeterai have the same legal force as paper documents with seals attached. However, make sure that you buy your eMeterai from a valid electronic seal distributor such as Mekari Sign.

Purchasing eMeterai on electronic documents can be done at the eMeterai portal or official electronic seals distributors such as Mekari Sign at the same price, which is IDR 10,000. The nominal is the same as the physical stamp price available at the post office.

You can purchase eMeterai from the official electronic seal distributor such as Mekari Sign with the same price.

Meterai elektronik dapat Anda dapatkan dengan langkah berikut:

  1. Create an Account on any eMeterai distributor website, you can use Mekari Sign as well.
  2. Click the eMeterai menu, then choose “Buy eMeterai”
  3. Specify the amount of eMeterai you want to purchase as much as you need, then click “Pay Now”.
  4. Choose your payment method and complete the payment. After the payment is successful, your eMeterai balance will be automatically added to your account.

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