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Send and sign documents flexibly

Send documents and collect signatures from various parties easily and receive real-time notifications of documents progress or completion.

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Centralized documents in one platform

Organize your team’s documents according to your needs and access them easily anytime and anywhere.

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Increase efficiency with online documents distribution

Collect eSignatures with digital documents. This way, documents distributions are faster and trackable within Mekari Sign online platform.

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Legally acknowledged document validation

Your document is guaranteed valid, since Mekari Sign eSignature is operated under Kominfo and our eMeterai is official from Peruri.

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Monitor all document progress

Dashboard with a complete feature that allows you to monitor all workflow and progress. This feature eases you to control all documents that need to be signed.

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Contract's due date reminder

Avoid delays in renewing contracts or agreements with various parties by sending automatic reminders to the related parties easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Mekari Sign eSignature software

Increase the efficiency of your business process with Mekari products and solutions that are trusted by thousands of businesses.

What is an online signature?

An online signature is a signature that is done online through a website, or you can also draw one in a signature maker application. Online signatures are actually the same as regular signatures, it’s just that all the signature processes are carried out online or via the internet without the need to meet face-to-face.

Mekari Sign (PT Mekari Digital Identity) is a Certified Electronic Signature service provider partnering with PT Tilaka Nusa Teknologi as a Certificate Authority (CA) from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo).

  • Visit
  • Draw your online signature in the space provided, then click Save
  • Fill in the pop-up form, then click Submit
  • Your signature will be automatically saved on the device
  • Online signature can shorten the time and reduce administrative costs
  • Legally binding so it is safe to use
  • Online signatures can improve business operational efficiency
  • Increase team productivity with a more efficient business process
  • Environmentally friendly since it no longer uses paper

1. Mekari Sign

Many electronic signature providers are surfacing lately, and one of the best eSignature software in Indonesia is Mekari Sign.

Not only providing electronic signature, Mekari Sign also provides audit trail, electronic contract, eMeterai, online stamp (coming soon), and eKYC within one platform

Available version: Web-based

Developer: PT Mekari Identitas Digital

Main Features: Official Peruri eMeterai, centralized dashboard, cloud-based storage, cybercrime prevention with high security, and compatibility for various document formats.

2. DigiSigner

Digisigner offers useful features with cloud and SSL systems to keep users’ data secure. DigiSigner is suitable for various industries, especially small businesses in the HR and Real Estate sector.

Available version: Web-based

Developer: DigiSigner

Main Features: Bulk send for documents, SSL & cloud encryptions, and document templates

3. Odoo

Odoo has been certified eIDAS and ESIGN, they offer features that’ll help users in managing electronic signatures.

Available version: Web-based

Developer: Odoo (Enterprise Resource Planning Company)

Main Features: Project management, productivity management, and integration with other Odoo applications

4. pdfFiller

PdfFiller is a quite famous PDF application since it has a large number of users across the world. There are several ways to use PdfFiller eSignatures, from drawing your signature straight into the document pages to uploading your scanned signature file.

Available version: Web based, Android, iOS

Developer: PDFfiller, Inc.

Main Features: PDF editor, document eSignature, PDF converter, compatibility for various document formats, and easy document distribution.

5. SignHero

Not only eSignature, but SignHero also provides API with the ability to be integrated. This way, users can get more work done within one platform.

Available Version: Web-based

Developer: Avaintec

Main Features: API Integration, Audit Trails

  • Prepare a signature file, the easiest way is to use the Paint application on your computer. Alternatively, you can write your signature on a piece of paper, then take a photo of it and transfer it to your computer.
  • After that, open the document you want to sign.
  • Then, click the Insert menu at the top, select Pictures, then select This Device.
  • Navigate to where you saved the signature file earlier, then click Insert.
  • If your signature uses a photo, then you need to make the background transparent. The trick is to click the Color menu, select Set Transparent Color, then click the background of your signature image.
  • The final step is to set the position and size of your signature. You can do this by clicking on the horseshoe icon right next to your signature image. Here, you can choose whether the signature is behind the text (Behind Text) or in front of the text (In Front of Text)

Yes, electronic seals or eMeterai are legally valid in Indonesia!

Electronic seals are regulated in Pasal 14 of UU 10 of 2020 Regarding Stamp Duty. Not only that, Pasal 5 Paragraph (1) of UU No. 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) also states that electronic documents are valid legal evidence.

Electronic documents that have been affixed with eMeterai have the same legal force as paper documents with seals attached. However, make sure that you buy your eMeterai from a valid electronic seal distributor such as Mekari Sign.

Purchasing eMeterai on electronic documents can be done at the eMeterai portal or official electronic seals distributors such as Mekari Sign at the same price, which is IDR 10,000. The nominal is the same as the physical stamp price available at the post office.

  1. Create an Account on any eMeterai distributor website, you can use Mekari Sign as well.
  2. Click the eMeterai menu, then choose “Buy eMeterai”.
  3. Specify the amount of eMeterai you want to purchase as much as you need, then click “Pay Now”.
  4. Choose your payment method and complete the payment. After the payment is successful, your eMeterai balance will be automatically added to your account.

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