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Streamlined workflow to complete all of procurement
process needs

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Faster cooperation agreement signing process

Request and collect eSignatures from different parties all at once. Don’t worry, you’ll get notifications regarding the document’s signing progress and completion.

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Manage documents anytime and anywhere

Collect electronic signatures and monitor their status anywhere from any device. Mekari Sign system is compatible for various devices from mobil phones to computers.

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Create vendor agreements on the spot

Request and receive vendor’s signatures through your smartphones. A faster way to fill the vendor’s contract and sign it directly.

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Contract's due date reminder

Avoid delays in renewing contracts or agreements with various parties by sending automatic reminders to the related parties easily.

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Legally acknowledged document validation

Your document is guaranteed valid, since Mekari Sign eSignature is operated under Kominfo and our eMeterai is official from Peruri.

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Process documents in categorized groups

Set document categorization with just a few clicks. Send documents to be signed based on the groupings to maintain an organized workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is procurement?

Procurement is all the processes to get the goods or services that your company needs. The process here starts with planning, purchasing, and delivery. Usually, procurement occurs on a large scale to support your goals or business operations.

Companies carry out procurement because it helps on obtaining goods or services as needed, in the shortest time possible at the lowest cost.

Why electronic signature?

Compared to the conventional signature, an electronic signature certainly has several benefits. Electronic signatures can reduce costs, save time, have better security, and are more environmentally friendly.

Before choosing an electronic signature platform, make sure that the platform you’re using is trusted with high quality. One of the trusted electronic sign providers is Mekari Sign, and we also provide products to support the documentation process such as electronic seals (eMeterai), online stamp, audit trail, eKYC and electronic contract.

Procurement is a long process with the analysis and identification of the need for goods or services. Meanwhile Purchasing is one of the stages in the procurement process.

In addition, thorough planning related to vendors and general evaluation is also carried out before becoming a contract in the procurement process. Meanwhile, purchasing can directly make transactions with a vendor without having a contract.

Relationships with vendors in procurement are also better maintained compared to the purchasing process which often ends after the payment process.

There are three components to procurement, they are:

  1. People: the people involved in the procurement process. The amount varies depending on the company and the scale of goods or services needed.
  2. Process: planning the process of the parties to do well from start to finish. The goal is for procurement to run efficiently and consistently.
  3. Paperwork: procurement documentation can be in digital or paper form. The goal is that all data is stored and the parties can access it.
  1. Direct Procurement
    Direct procurement is a type of procurement that companies carry out for production purposes so that the amount is large and is sustainable.
  2. Indirect Procurement
    Indirect procurement is related to daily operational needs. Office supplies, furniture, and similar kinds are examples of this procurement.
  3. Goods Procurement
    This type is often related to the procurement of physical goods or forms. However, it is not uncommon for companies to procure this for business or operational support software subscriptions.
  4. Service Procurement
    This procurement focuses on services provided by certain individuals or groups. For example, hiring freelancers, and outsourced consultants, cooperation with legal experts, and so on.

A digital signature is a signature created digitally, whether it’s a plain stroke signature or a symbol. You can make this digital signature through websites, applications, or scan wet signatures to the computer.

Mekari Sign (PT Mekari Digital Identity) is a Certified Electronic Signature service provider partnering with PT Tilaka Nusa Teknologi as a Certificate Authority (CA) from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo).

  • Carry out tasks in an orderly manner with a sense of responsibility to achieve targets
  • Work professionally and independently on the basis of honesty
  • Do not influence each other either directly or indirectly to prevent and avoid unfair competition
  • Avoiding and preventing conflicts of interest between related parties (conflict of interest)
  • Accept and be responsible for all decisions made in accordance with the agreement of the parties
  • Avoiding and preventing the occurrence of waste and leakage of state finances in the procurement of goods/services
  • Avoid and prevent abuse of authority and/or collusion
  • Do not accept, do not offer or promise to give or receive gifts, compensation in any form to anyone who is known or can reasonably be suspected in connection with the procurement of goods/services

Several procurement principles that must be adhered to by both parties are:

  • Accountability: the parties should establish rules regarding their cooperation and must comply with them
  • Consistency: all parties should be consistent in various ways to foster a sense of trust
  • Value for Money: procurement must provide the best benefits for the parties
  • Fair Dealing: vendors must be treated fairly and must not impose unnecessary things on them
  • Informed Decision Making: all decisions in the procurement process must be made based on accurate information

The signature can be recognized as valid evidence. This is covered by UU No. 11 of 2008 (UU ITE). In this law, several legal requirements for TTE are listed:

  • The signature creation data is only known to the owner of the signature
  • Only the owner of the signature has the right to use the TTE
  • All changes that occur after the creation of the signature can be known
  • Then, all changes related to electronic information related to electronic signatures can also be known
  • There’s a way to find out the owner of the sign
  • There’s a way to know if the owner has approved the related electronic information
  1. Visit the Mekari e-Sign website at If you already have a Mekari account, then you can click Login. If not, you can click Schedule a Demo to set a meeting with our team and create an account.
  2. Before you can upload documents, you must complete eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer).
  3. Click Upload your document to select a document. Once your document is selected, click Next.
  4. Enter the party who will sign the document. To enter yourself as a party, you can click Add me as a signer. Or if you want to include another party, click Add another signer.
  5. In Mekari Sign, you can arrange the order easily. Just click Set sign the order, click and drag the dots in the order in which the party will sign. When finished, click Next.
  6. You can set the signature of each party. When all parties are set up, you can click Next to continue.
  7. Make sure the names and email addresses of all parties are correct. Here, you can also enter the email title in the Email subject and the message body in the Email message. If everything is correct, you can click Send document.
  • Electronic signatures can reduce administrative time and costs
  • Electronic signatures are legally binding and safe to use
  • Electronic signatures can improve business operational efficiency

Validation of various types of documents
is now easier

Get more work done without compromising on speed and accuracy
with complete solutions from Mekari Sign

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